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About Us


        Who are we? We are one of the only companies who do it all. We are the type of company to not take this section too seriously because we are confident the reason that you will keep coming back is not reliant on how carefully worded and thought out the “About Us” section is, but instead the care and passion that goes into our product and the end quality that will never be sacrificed. Who are we? We are customer service, we are small but dedicated teams of individuals who are trying to make a difference in this chaotic industry. We are Vertigo, and we’d be happy to welcome you to the family.


        Our products can be found in many retail locations all across the United States as well as certain locations across the world; however, we are always looking to expand so that more people can get a taste of the Vertigo Vapor lifestyle. If you are interested in carrying our products in your shop, please email us at contact@vertigovapor.com


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