FAQ – Vertigo Vapor™



Frequently asked questions: 


How many days does it take to ship our orders?

All orders will be shipped within one business day! We strive to get our product in your hands as fast as possible!


What if I accidentally order the wrong nicotine strength or flavor?

If your order has not been shipped yet, email us and explain your issue. One of our employees will help make sure everything gets handled. If the order is already en-route, we, unfortunately, cannot do anything past that point.


I received a damaged product, what do I do?

The first thing you should do Is take a picture of the item and the packaging and email us at support@vertigovapor.com explaining the situation. We will take care of the issue and make sure you receive any product you have paid for.


 I received my order, but there are items missing, what do I do?

It is rare, but it happens. Sometimes the product gets stolen out of the package before it arrives at your door. Sometimes orders slip through the crack and items are left out. We at Vertigo Vapor highly value our customers and will make sure everything gets taken care of. Shoot us an email at support@vertigovapor.com and we will sort out any issues you may have.


 How do I stay up to date on all your awesome discounts and sales?

You can join our mailing list for consistent updates, frequent discount codes and exclusive sales!